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PLEASE SHARE THIS E-MAIL WITH EVERYONE! AND SHARE THE LINK ON TWITTER, FACEBOOK AND ALL OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA… MAKE SISTA MIMI’S LAST WISH COME TRUE After 20 years of activism in Germany, Sista Mimi died on December 10. Until the very end, she kept on fighting for human rights ​, lastly​ in the Refugee School in Kreuzberg. As long as she was alive, she refused to return to Kenya: Who then would bring about change in Germany? But her last wish was to rest in peace in Kenya. PLEASE DONATE HERE. For her wish to come true, we must pay the funeral parlour 7.000€ on DECEMBER 29 ​! ! Only then will Mimi fly to Nairobi! If we fail to raise these funds in record time, her body will be cremated in Berlin. Let’s all contribute towards fulfilling the last wish of this extraordinary activist, musician and friend who lives on in all of us! And, above all, let’s tell everyone whom we meet about Sista Mimi, show them videos of her and ask them to contribute, too! VIDEOS: – Documentary on Sista Mimi in the School in Ohlauer Straße, Kreuzberg-Berlin – Interview with Sista Mimi at „Haus der 28 Türen“ COMPILATION OF RELATED LINKS: FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT FOR EVERYONE! SISTA MIMI, REST IN PEACE!

Unterstützt bitte die öffentliche Erklärung von Allmende e.V. gegen seiner akuten Zwangsräumung

International Women Space: In remembrance of our friend Sista Mimi

Statement: Nicht mal vor einer Trauerfeier machen sie halt. Zum Tod von Sista Mimi und den Festnahmen von Bewohnern der GHS

sista mimi’s commeration – another activist arrested