Call for particiaption in Festival against Racism 2015

„Self-determine changing racist structures – with solidarity connect to each other!“

Racism is deeply rooted in our society – it is not the exception! In the third Festival against Racism (2015) we aim to make racist structures and along with our resistance more visible. The Festival will offer a platform where different perspectives and stories of resistance can be discussed and showed and a network solidarity among us can emerge.

Our goal is to continue our self-organized resistance and we would like to expand our solidarity network across Germany and make our shared struggle against racism stronger. Each person in Germany is shaped by racist structures because there is no neutral position in this system of repression- that is clear with every passing day.

Many people in our society are denied their basic human rights due to racist structures. They suffer from isolation and deportation, daily inhuman treatment, marginalised, forced into poverty trap, threats and even death. Meanwhile, many profit from these unequal power relations and structural and racial violence.

They have easier access to education, better chances for getting a job and renting a house, they do not have to suffer form humiliating police searches or denial entry of nightclubs based on their racial profile. They can freely travel without even have to think a bit about being controlled or denied entry — These are just to name a few examples.
Racism is a bitter daily reality for many people. In order to change this, all affected should become aware of their role and responsibility and degree of violence they faced with.
As in past years, we want to create a space in which perspectives from people who are affected by racist violence remain the focus of our festival. In this way, we want to develop new ideas for our straggle and form new  new strategies of action. For us it is important to form new connections and to exchange our ideas on strategies against racism.

The festival contain an spectacular political and cultural programme such as discussions, exhibitions, theatres, workshops and special program for children and many other activities.  We would like to invite  everyone to join us to fight this prevailing inhuman value systems and make our political movement a diverse space. We invite you come to the festival to meet this diversity and help learning and understanding and strengthening together and have fun in our festival.

You are invited to shape this space culturally and politically. Just
come by and bring people with you!

With love and solidarity,
The Alliance for the Festival against Racism

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