Call for an open borders caravan

Call for an open borders caravan

Dear friends,

Hungary just sealed the border with Serbia and started to build the fence on the border with Romania. We have just receIved information that a bigger group of refugees is on its way to the north through Croatia and that they will soon attempt to cross the border with Slovenia.
There is a real possiblity that Slovene authorities will try to close the border with Croatia, following the example of Hungary and later Germany. We believe that we must do whatever is in our power to revert this possibility and keep the border open for refugees, migrants and European citizens. For this reason, we have decided to consider the possibility to organize a transnational caravan for open borders. Our idea is to mobilise as many people as possible to enable refugees to cross the border and create grassroots pressure on authorities so that the borders are not closed.
We believe this is one of the most crucial actions to take NOW and we would like to discuss this possiblity in order to coordinate efforts with organisations, collectives and individuals in Austria, Croatia and Italy. Let’s connect and discuss this issue as soon as possible. We would like to ask you to share this call to those who might be concerned.
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/ Antiracist Front Without Borders /

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