Demonstration on 12 Jan, 2015 at 5pm from the Bundeskanzleramt to Pariser Platz (6:30pm)

Jan. 12th: NoBärgida, NoRacism! 
Demonstration on 12 Jan, 2015 at 5pm from the Bundeskanzleramt to Pariser Platz (6:30pm) 
Willy-Brandt-Str. 1
10557  Berlin
Public transportation:  
Bundeskanzleramt (Berlin): M85
Washingtonplatz/Hauptbahnhof (Berlin): M85, TXL
Bundestag (Berlin) (U): U55
Washingtonplatz/Hauptbahnhof (Berlin): U55
„Bärgida,“ the local group of neo-nazis and racists from Pegida,are calling again for a demonstration on Jan. 12th from Pariser Platz at Brandenburg Gate to Alexanderplatz. After the attacks on the satire magazine „Charlie Hebdo“ in Paris on Jan 7th, the Nazis and racists in Germany, France and other European countries are trying to link this crime to a supposed origin, culture, religion or lifestyle in order to instrumentalize the victims for their racist mobilization. They are the people who had insulted the media by calling them the lying press(„Lügenpresse“)and now they want to use that very same media to spread their agenda.  
We are calling for a counter-demonstration on Jan. 12th at 17:00, our demonstration starts at the Bundeskanzleramt to Pariser Platz.
We want to demonstrate our solidarity with all the victims of the Paris attacks and their loved ones. At the same time we are protesting against the instrumentalization of the attacks, a tactic used to spread racist agitation against Muslims. 
We won’t allow the victims and their loved ones to be made victims a second time and be used for racist mobilizing. Regardless of the long overdue and important debate about the boundaries of satire and freedom of expression in relation to racism, we are together on one point: there is no justification for such a horrible crime. But there can also be no justification for the crime of being exploited by racists who attack entire groups based on their supposed origin, religion, lifestyle or residence status. The cover-up of the causes and of those politically responsible, as well as those who profit from racism, discrimination, and social exclusion must come to an end!  
Our first demonstration on Jan 5th brought out over 5,000 people in Berlin. We were successful in sending a clear signal against the racism in our society and their politics of creating fear. We will build on this success and expand the protest in the face of growing racist mobilization in Berlin, Germany, and Europe! Our call to demonstrate on Jan. 5th found a lot of resonance, but we are calling for another demonstration, because nothing has changed regarding the reasons to protest against Pegida, their offshoots such as „Bärgida“, and so-called citizens‘ movements (Bürgerbewegungen). These mobilizations have been mostly initiated and/or organized by the extreme right or people connected to them. What also hasn’t changed is the criminalization and exclusion of refugees, those perceived as Muslims, Roma, or others who don’t fit into their racist agenda. The first attempt at a Bärgida demonstration failed thanks to great solidarty with our protest but it is important to know that the „Bürgerbewegung Marzahn-Hellersdorf“ is present. They are mobilizing again on Jan 12th at 19:00 for a demo in Marzahn, in order to once again stir up sentiment against refugees using arguments based on religious differences.
We declare our solidarity with the protests against the so-call „Bürgerbewegung“ in Marzahn and call for people to come there at 18:30 to stand in the Nazi’s way (
Refugees Welcome!
Together and in solidarity against racism and social exclusion! Always and Everywhere!
Initial Route: Bundeskanzleramt-Bundestag-Platz des 18. März – Ahrendtstraße-Behrenstr. -Französische Str. bis Rathaus/Molkemarkt
Bündnis gegen Rassismus
Kampagne „Zusammen handeln – Gegen rassistische Hetze und soziale Ausgrenzung!“
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