Demo am 1. November 2014 um 13:30 U-Bahnhof Gesundbrunnen/Hanne-Sobek-Platz Berlin

Nazi Terror: State apparatus and National Socialist Underground hand in hand – Fight racism in this society! 

Demo on 1 November 2014, 13:30h starting at Berlin-Gesundbrunnen

The “NSU-process” in Munich has been going for over a year, and investigation commitees have submitted thousands of pages. We know what NOT to expect: Truth, justice and an end to racist violence.

What we know: For 13 years, a network of armed neo-nazis made bomb attacks, injured countless people and murdered at least ten. The “German FBI”, so-called Verfassungsschutz, was their most powerful ally. After each terrorist attack, the racist police investigated against the relatives of the victims, criminalized them, and destroyed ties to their communities and families. Evidence hinting towards the right-wing scene was systematically ignored or “disappeared.” After the so-called “coming out” (Selbstenttarnung) of the National Socialist Underground (NSU), several Verfassungsschutz offices blocked access to heaps of incriminating papers.

What we see: The state does not want to find any truths that would satisfy the relatives ; it takes no responsibility and takes no steps to prevent racist violence in the future.Civil servants and police spies (V-Leute) lie in court. At the same time, the Verfassungsschutz gains even more secret police privileges. And people who lost family members because of the NSU, who were injured by bomb attacks or lost their livelihoods, receive no adequate support from state and society.

Open questions remain: How big was the NSU network really? What about the terrorists who never went to court? Since the NSU was exposed, more than 220 crimes were reported, whose perpetrators explicitly referred to the NSU – are others continuing the murders?

These days we see arson and vandalism against mosques and synagogues, houses of migrants and people of color, and refugees are tortured in internment centers.Self-organized protests of refugees against racist asylum laws are crushed, the participants criminalized and starved, while the laws become stricter and stricter. A court ruling confirmed that the African refugee Oury Jalloh supposedly burnt himself in a police cell in East Germany – while rope-tied and without a lighter.Racism supported by German authorities kills – here, in deportation jails, at the EU borders, and wherever German weapons are sold for big money.

All this is possible, because Germany (!!) pretends that racism does not exist here.But people of color, migrants, Rroma, refugees, people from colonized territories, Jews and Muslims experience racism every day: hate stares, insults, assaults, discrimination in schools, systematic humiliation and violent authorities and police.

We’re tired of racism and its denial. Let’s take the streets together! Let’s show the public our anger, grief, solidarity and our protest! White* German society too often ignores, covers up and denies racism – we will not be silent!

Our sympathy and solidarity go to the people murdered and injured by the NSU, their families, and to all who suffer under racist violence.We support the demand of refugees for an end to the racist, inhumane politics of asylum. We go to the streets for an emancipatory society without racism and exploitation.

Racism kills! Therefore, we demand:

++ Establish an independent monitoring commitee to combat racism in state institutions! ++ Full exposure of the cooperation between state institutions and the NSU network! ++ Abolish domestic secret service (Verfassungsschutz), foreign secret service (BND) and military counterintelligence (MAD)! ++ Stop deportations, abolish internment centers and right to stay for all! ++ Abolish all racist special laws! ++ Stop racial profiling!++ Rename streets to commemorate the victims! ++

* Allmende does not endorse the expression “white.”

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