Racist door policy at the club „Matrix“ in Berlin- Kreuzberg

Über rassistische Türpolitik im „Matrix“.
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Racist door policy at the club „Matrix“ in Berlin- Kreuzberg

Article by Bashir and Alnour, refugee-activists in Berlin

Many black people experience racism in Germany, even in the capital Berlin, a city with a big mixture of cultures- especially in the club scene. For us as black people this i very painful deep in the heart. We want the world to know about it. The described situation is just giving a little example.

Bashir: „Last year in April I went to the club „Matrix“. In the door the security wanted to check my passport. I gave them my paper from Italy and they said „You are not from Germany, we don’t let you in.“ I started to discuss with them, but the man I was talking to, told to the security to take me out. I stayed for another five minutes, when a black man approached me and I asked him about the situation and how it is possible to not let me in. Also he just told me to go. Than another black man came to me and told me „If you want to go in, just give me 35€“ although the actual price is 10€. I asked him why and he told me „You want to go in or you want to go out?“ I told him „fuck you!“ and left.“

„Friday 19th of September, 1 am we went to the „Matrix“ again. Again they wanted to check our papers. When they saw it, they told me to go out. All the people with German papers they are allowed to go. We started to discuss with them, but nobody was even listening. You are like nothing to them. They just said „Move, move!“ We left. We asked ourself whats going on.. „

When you complain to the police about things like this they don’t believe and they don’t take you serious, because you are black. This hurts me a lot. If a white person tells them things like that, they believe. When someone complains, the police should take it serious. If you got the dignity, you feel like, you better stay away from this people. You are not feeling welcome like this.

I want to know where is the freedom of he human being. I feel in Germany there is not the freedom for everybody. For the Germans as black person, especially without residence papers, you are number zero. People would probably not believe that the „Matrix“ is racist. But every black man knows this.

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