Why I am at Guertelstrasse everyday

I am going to Guertelstrasse everyday . I am spending there all the time I can spend after work and after doing the things that keep me busy.
I wonder why the rest of us, many of us, are not doing the same.
I wonder what is keeping you so busy from coming here for 1 hour or half hour each day.
Each minute from each one of us counts, is precious. Because we are precious, because each one of us makes a difference.
Why are even 10 minutes of your time essential?
Because we are making history here. And to make history we have to be strong and we have to be united, and we have to be resilient, and we have to be a lot.
Guertelstr. is a very difficult place to handle, yeah, in Kreuzberg this summer was much easier. Yeah. And so what?
Yes, being at Guertelstrasse is hard, but this is one more reason to come here. Because we want a change, and because we need a change.
So if you also want a change, you’ll have to make and effort and come to Guertelstrasse. And fight for it.
I’ve talked to guys there, and some tell me that the benefits of our fight today, we are not going to see soon, but in 30 years. Well, I refuse to believe that! I do not want that! I need you not to want it with me!
I want the people whom I know here and now to be given the possibility to live the life they want! Here and now! I do not want to make history for the future, I want to make it for the present!
We are not going to be given a second chance, this is all we get, and we can even play or pass. And if we pass we lose. We lose, the guys on the roof lose, everybody loses.
You have a big responsibility in your hands, you can make a change, you can make this world a different place, but you have to want it!
So if you want it, come to Guertelstrasse. it is exactly what happens now that will shape what happens next!
Come and be angry, cuz that’s exactly how I am feeling. I am feeling innocent and angry. I have the right to be angry and I have to right to wanna do something about it! And I have to right to write this email to tell you that Guertelstrasse is a place that you cannot not go to.

I am waiting for you,

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