Violent arrest of refugee activist of March4Freedom

Violent arrest of refugee activist of March4Freedom

One refugee activist of #March4Freedom from Pakistan got arrested violently by the police while he was return from the protest march to Munich. The police imprisoned him right now in mühldorf am inn close to bavaria Bavaria. there is a high risk of deportation for him as he has a Dublin deportation going!

his arrestment is totally illegitimate! he was on the way back of a big public action and registered demo. it is the basic right of every human being – independent from any residence status – to join protest as a way of democratic expression!


please try to contact the prison and mobilize any public actors like polititians and refugee organisations, anti-racist initiatives to get connected to our friend and built up pressure to release him or at least to stay in connection to him!


contact to prison:

JVA mühldorf am inn, rheinstrasse 51

Telefon: (08631) 1878-0
Telefax: (08631) 1878-166

our friend name is mohammed nawaz

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