1st of Mai – Oranienplatz – Berlin

i just got the Information that the hungerstrikers at oranienplatz
have to leave on wednesday around 12 a.m otherwise they are going to
be evicted. couse the place should be used for concerts and this is
not Fitting to a hungerstrike! even the People who organise the
concerts refuse to speak to the striking ones but to the Police.
People want speciall Support for this day and time.



1st of Mai – Oranienplatz – Berlin

– The big music stage on Oplatz will move on the south side in order not
to disturb the hungerstrikers.
– On this stage and on almost all other stages it is possible to hold
speeches about the refugee protest. If you can please help to organize
and coordinate this speeches spontaneosly.
– The police told the hungerstrikers today that they will not evict the
Hungerstrike camp tomorrow.
– We will meet at Oranienplatz the 1st of May at 9 o’clock to prepare
food and other stuff to sell. The money will be used for the
Protestmarch to Brussels.

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