Together to the European Parliament elections : meeting on the 14th of December in New York Bethaanien at 3pm

Network to mobilize for the European Parliament elections in 2014
Meeting on the 14th of December in New York Bethaanien at 3pm
Solidarity with migrants
against exclusion and oppression
The Oranienplatz Refugee Strike together with an international network of sans-papiers and refugees initiated since 2 months a European network to build a great march to Brussels in may 2014.
Today, we are calling for solidarity to organize the resistance: all groups who feel politically concerned by the abolishment of the minimum score in the EU parliament that will let extreme right parties enter the EU assembly, by Frontex and Dublin II, by the racist and excluding policy of the EU and the rise of fascist forces throughout Europe !
Because it is our right to have an influence on the European Parliament elections, which will take decisions that affect our lives.  In this world of neo-liberalism and racism, we should at least have laws that appeal to every human being. We can not allow the system to ignore human rights seeking their own benefits. People are dying at the borders, that are controlled by a machinery financed by the European Union called Frontex, to protect the nobility of Europe instead of taking the humanitarian and moral responsibility.
The EU is not only evading that responsibility, but also denying the ongoing colonial exploitation, the trade of arms and war initiation. They are destroying other countries on one hand, and don’t accept asylum cases which are the result of this destruction. Not only that, they also carry out deportations, without considering any consequence on people’s lives. They practice repression and create anxiety using the excuse of terrorism.
Implementing a jurisdical structure to criminalize migrants and minorities, the system legitimizes and supports the right-wing parties and groups’ ideology. According to that, racism reaches an institutional level, which influences the conception of society of many people. This means that the oppression of minorities is and will be rising.
It is our right to demand equal treatment, wherever we come from and whatever we have in our pockets,
because living together in Europe is uniting us !
It is our right to march to Brussels and for this we are inviting you for a
meeting on saturday the 14th of December
at 3pm in New York, Bethaanien am Marianenplatz.
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